About Us

Changing the future of Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Drone LTD has been empowering the Solar Power revolution since 2020, focusing on development of all year-round State of the Art, One-Stop-Shop, End-to-End fully autonomous drone-based technology for:

  • planning
  • monitoring
  • maintaining
  • securing
  • cleaning solar panels of any shape, in any topography without mechanical or human intervention


The technology we use helps to save water, is suitable for multipurpose Agri voltaic, covers range of 80km², uses night vision to minimize the use of human labor, and increases ROI.

Solar Drone is a pioneer and world leader in developing “Drone in a Box” systems, based on advanced technologies such as:

  • Image Generation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Real Time Analysis and Alerts
  • Cloud and more, that increase PV, operational and asset efficiency and reduce costs.


With team of experts and great technology, the drone replaces its own battery, refills water/ECO-FOAM© tank, replaces payloads within the “Box” – docking station, with robotic arm.


Our Team

Expert economist in the field of advanced technologies, entrepreneur, advocate, and investment banker.

Shmuel Yannay

Founder & CEO

Holds an MSc. in Electrical Engineering with 22 years of experience in multidisciplinary aerospace projects. Netanel’s experience includes machine learning, as Head of AI, Project Management and Software development.
Senior finance and accounting professional, combining cross-functional competencies in managing financial forecasting, budget, reporting and cost reduction.

Mickey Boguslavsky


Felipe Alvarez
Mechanical engineer, a young entrepreneur, experienced in Solidworks with more than 8 years of mechanical design working with AutoCAD drawings.

Felipe Alvarez

R&D Engineer

amit malka
Former military pilot with number of years of operational experience.

Amit Malka

Chief Drone Operator

Ben Bublil

Ben Bublil

Flight Field Project Manager

Gil Castel

Pilot Operations Manager

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