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Dear user, the purpose of this privacy policy is to explain our methods of data storage and it’s intended use by the Company. This Privacy Policy comes as an addition to the Terms of Use (hereinafter: the "Terms") and does not replace them. The terms in this Privacy Policy have the same definitions as in Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise expressly stated with respect to a certain term. In case any questions arise, you are welcome to contact our customer service (



  1. The website's database consists of personal details provided by you at registration, technological information and your behavioral patterns as site user (including, but not limited to: usage time and site user experience).
  2. The Company uses Session, SSL and cookies technology to ensure data protection to the best possible extent and to prevent access and/or information usage and alteration by unauthorized person in the Company and/or third parties, subject to provisions of any law.


Site registration

  1. As you may know, registration for a variety of site services and/or for the site as a whole may require providing specific details.  In case you are required to provide this information, you do so of your own free will and with your full and irrevocable consent.
  2. Insofar as the details you have entered are incorrect, the responsibility in this regard, for all it implies, is solely yours the Company denounces any responsibility for the damage caused to you, if any, due to entering the aforementioned data.
  3. All personal information provided by you be stored in the Company's database for the purpose of raising the site service quality and efficiency. This information will be stored in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy, subject to provisions of any law.



  1. The Company uses the cookies technology and other technologies of a compatible design and essence (hereinafter: "cookies") for the ongoing maintenance of the website. The purpose of the aforesaid, among the rest, is adaptation of the site to your needs, ensuring information security, analysis and statistical segmentation, as well as additional actions aimed to constantly improve the site efficiency for your convenience.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 4, the Company cannot guarantee that no malicious intrusions into the Company's databases will occur, and therefore, you waive any claims in case of information leakage and/or breaking into the Company's computers for the purposes of database usage, for whatever reason.


Credit clearing

  1. As part of your user experience, you may be able to purchase paid services and/or subscription for extended site usage for a monthly and/or fixed payment at the Company's discretion.
  2. It is hereby clarified, that the clearing function is performed through an external clearing system and the Company does not store your credit card number in any database on its behalf.


Personal data and intellectual property of a third party

  1. As part of your user experience, you may be able to create your own posts and partake in forum discussions. You are hereby obliged to avoid publishing personal data and/or intellectual property owned by a third party unless given his/her express consent for it.
  2. Insofar as your publications violate the privacy and/or the intellectual property rights of any third party, contrary to the party express consent, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the Company is allowed to temporarily and/or permanently block your access to the site, and you hereby waive any claims to the Company in this regard.


Transferring information to a third party

  1. The company works in cooperation with suppliers on its behalf, whose overall purpose is to improve and streamline the site alongside the services provided by it. Therefore, to achieve these goals, the company may need to disclose your details and/or usage data to these providers, and you agree to the aforesaid, subject to the provisions of any law.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 10, the Company may transfer your details and/or usage data and/or technological details and any information about the technological means of site usage, as far as they are known to the Company, to any party subject to a court order and/or in case site usage by you may expose the Company to legal risk of any kind. In this case, the Company may transfer to a party who allegedly suffered any damage due to application usage by you, without any prior notice and or any notice at all from the Company.


External links

  1. The Website may contain external links, connected to applications and/or other websites. We do our best to ensure that these links are proper and non-malicious. This is done, among other methods, by following the links and re-entering them for to ensure the site's service. Additionally, the site staff personally verifies all possible information about the security measures taken by abovementioned applications and/or websites.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 12, the Company shall not bear any responsibility for damage caused due to the use of applications and/or other websites, even if you reached them via a link placed on our website. Also, we do not hold ourselves responsible for the privacy policies of the abovementioned apps and/or websites and you are hereby advised to verify them personally.


Explicit provisions of law

  1. In accordance with the provisions of Amendment 40 to the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law 5742-1982, the Company reserves the right to contact you for marketing purposes by any means you have provided to the Company, unless you have expressly refused to receive mailings and marketing offers.
  2. In accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981, you are hereby entitled to review the information stored about you. In order to review the abovementioned information, enter the menu, select (Privacy Policy).
  3. You are entitled to demand from the Company not to keep any information, required for marketing purposes, about you. In such case, the Company will remove from the database any information about you that is intended solely for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, all information stored in the Company's databases and used by it for efficiency purposes and proper site operation, will remain in the Company's databases despite your demand to remove it. In addition, the Company will add and store any information about you, including information used for marketing purposes, if required so by a court order.
  4. The provisions of this Privacy Policy may periodically change. Therefore, the last update date will appear at the top of this screen. If the changes in this privacy policy are substantial in their content and/or provisions, a due notice will be prominently published on the website.


Law enforcement

  1. All the contents of this Privacy Policy, are subject to the provisions of any law and/or regulation. In any case of discrepancy between the provisions of this Privacy Policy and the provisions of any law and/or regulation, provisions of the law and/or the regulation will prevail.


Conditional judgment

  1. You hereby agree that any dispute that arises, if arises, between you and the Company, will be discussed in a court situated in (to be completed).

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