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Notice of use of cookies and other technologies

Our site uses cookies and other technologies designed to ensure our users the most enjoyable, efficient and convenient user experience. This enables us to provide you with the services tailored for you individually, based on your personal preferences. Further in this document you can learn about cookies and other similar technologies, alongside methods of their usage and control.

What are cookies, actually?

Cookies are files consisting of a letters and numbers sequence, located on your computer's hard drive, or, alternatively, on your cell phone, tablet and other similar devices, as long as you use these devices for browsing websites and applications. The purpose of cookies is to provide website owners with analytical information about your site usage pattern and thus, to adjust the browsing process to meet your personal needs, which differ from those of other users, subject to the site capabilities. There are four main types of cookies:

  • Advertising cookies - These cookies track and record your actions on websites and applications, as well as clicks on external links and advertisements. The purpose of these cookies modifying the marketing experience to fit your personal interests, offering you products in which you express interest or need. These cookies enable us to display advertisements relevant for to you. This way we, and our service providers, can present you with marketing content that is personally tailored for you, minimizing irrelevant advertisements. For instance, if you frequently view a particular area of ​​interest (such as: clothing, cosmetics, vacations, etc.), we will be able to automatically adjust advertisements displayed by us and our suppliers, focusing on areas of your choise.
  • Functional cookies - These cookies help us identify you as you revisit our sites. By doing so, we know how to adjust the site language to your particular location (if the language is included in our database), contact you using your name and remember your personal usage preferences on our site.
  • Customization Cookies - These cookies help us to fully understand your needs regarding specific use of our site. This way, we can adapt the site to your usage pattern, in a way that simplifies the routine site usage and access to a desirable content for you. These cookies assist us in examining the habits of all site users and identifying the most frequent pattern, for subsequent overall adjustment of the site to benefit all users.
  • Main cookies - These cookies are necessary for site operation and are meant to ensure functionality features (such as the usability of "contact us" and "shopping cart" links or access to secure areas).


How does the site collect data?

Both we and our external vendors, utilize cookies in order to collect information about you and other users' actions, to optimize the web site user experience. We do this for a variety of purposes. Among the rest, data collection helps us and our vendors perform the following:

Analyzing the frequency and manner of your site visits;

Analyzing your visit pattern in order to optimize the site according to your preferences;

Processing orders and offering additional products for each user’s future orders;

Remembering your personal preferences;

Presenting you with advertisements customized for your needs and preferences;

Optimizing the way you obtain the information you seek on our site;

Ensuring maximum information security for you;

Better understanding the needs of our users auditory and constantly optimizing the site for the users benefit.

It is important to be aware about cookies

Some of the cookies stored on your computer are not automatically deleted and in order to remove them, you will need to delete cookies using your browser. These cookies are stored on your computer for a long time. Their purpose is mainly to remember your usage preferences and make adjustments for reuse. These cookies track your use of our site, visit frequency, common login timing and your preferred site locations. Also, these cookies monitor site usage changes to keep us aware of your usage habits alterations, thus enabling us to upgrade your experience by adapting to your new preferences. However, there are cookies that will be deleted automatically once you leave the site.

Who installs the cookies on your computer?

Some of the cookies will be installed by us, in order to ensure the maximum quality service for you. This way we collect general (not personal) analytical information, which helps us to adapt the site for a better user experience. At the same time, it is important for you to acknowledge that some of our site elements are provided to us by external vendors and therefore, some of the cookies on your computer will be installed by those vendors.

Occasionally, third-party vendors may also install cookies on your computer to tailor your user experience, including advertisements and other marketing information. In case the cookies are installed on your computer by our first-rate or second-rate suppliers, we will not be able to take responsibility for those cookies and the information collected through them.

Can you control the cookies?

Definitely. It’s your decision whether to accept the use of cookies or not. You can agree or decline our cookie request by replying to the cookie notice. You can also control cookies using your browser settings. Please note - blocking the cookies may disable some of the site content and features and prevent you from accessing these functions.

It is important to know that we are committed to your privacy. To learn more, you can review our privacy policy.

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, our cookie policy and our terms of use, you can refer to the "Contact Us” link and ask us any questions.  We will reply as soon as possible


This document was last updated on: 03/05/2022

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